We can take you anywhere

360 video can transport you to far flung places as if you were there. Capturing everything as you see it and hear it, bringing a world of possibilities to you.

Melbourne ComicCon

360 footage can be edited as traditional 16:9 allowing you to “over capture” on the day and choose your angle later. You can tell your story from another angle.

Great for capturing the crowds and the vibe of big events and mimicing high end rigged shots without the high end budget.

The Winter Village

Filmed in 360 and blended with 360 photography, music and motion graphics to show off a great Winter bar in Melbourne.

If you are looking for smooth, stabilised footage, without all the fuss of gimbals, on a rig that allows you to shoot quickly, easily and without drawing a great deal of attention to your crew then you need the right gear. Radian work with an 8k camera and ambisonic mic to capture everything as it is. You wont miss a thing